Discover the Depths of Māori Body Art:
Tā Moko

Moko is more than a traditional Māori tattoo; it’s a living testament to one’s identity, accomplishments, and life’s significant milestones. It delves deep into the essence of who you are, reflecting the unique tapestry of your journey.

Starting as a humble apprentice to Derek Lardelli, learning the intricate art of Tā Moko, Raniera (Danz McGrath) has dedicated nearly two decades to practicing this traditional form of tattooing. He is unwavering in his commitment to preserving the art, its tikanga, and traditions.

Using his distinctive freehand design approach, Raniera ensures that each moko he creates is uniquely tailored to represent and reflect his client’s personal story – whether it involves interpreting one’s ancestors, tribe, accomplishments, or a deep connection to their world.

Through continual research and a pursuit of excellence, Raniera excels in designing Tā Moko of the highest quality, beauty, and integrity. He upholds respect for traditional customs, prioritises meticulous care, maintains hygiene standards, and conducts himself with the utmost professionalism in his craft.


Māori Carving
Toi Whakairo

Whakairo is a Māori traditional art of carving in wood, bone or stone. Wood carving continues to have major spiritual and cultural significance and is still widely used for whare whakairo (communal meeting houses). Just like Tā Moko, Toi Whakairo continues to thrive.

All Māori carvings have unique designs and special meanings. Each carving tells a story and records a piece of history. Taking chisel to wood, we tell the stories of our ancestors and create personalised taonga. If you are interested in a commission or installation, book a consultation with Moko Kauri now.

He moko, he puna wānanga.

Moko is a journey of self discovery.



We are based in the Far North of Aotearoa, overlooking exceptional views of the Mangōnui Harbour, Tokarau, Doubtless Bay.

Our private studio is located less than an hour from Bay of Islands airport and near some of the world’s most beautiful natural waters and landscapes, where there is something for everyone to enjoy. For those wishing to make a trip of it and explore the beautiful beaches and sites of the Far North Te Hiku o Te Ika, we can create a unique package for Moko and a private tour, or a fishing and hunting experience. (Subject to availability and weather conditions).