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Māori Business Consultancy

Welcome to Moko Kauri Consultants

What we have to offer

Nau mai ki te ao o Moko Kauri, where tradition meets innovation and wisdom guides our way forward. At Moko Kauri Limited, we celebrate the richness of Māori culture and its deep-rooted connection to the whenua (land), tupuna (ancestors), and wairua (spirit). Our team of experienced consultants seamlessly blend age-old wisdom with modern methodologies, offering a unique and transformative approach to consultancy services.

At Moko Kauri, we specialise in aligning your business values and strategies with the varied needs of your clients, whether Māori or non-Māori, helping to form meaningful partnerships with Māori communities. Our experienced team ensures that cultural sensitivity and authenticity are the foundation providing a high quality kaupapa Māori approach.

Our services include:

  • Tailored te reo language strategies
  • Te reo Māori translation services for reports and marketing
  • Organisational development
  • Strategic Business planning
  • Capability support
  • Cultural impact assessments
  • Branding and logo design

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to the principles of mana (integrity) and whanaungatanga (relationships). We believe in nurturing strong relationships with our clients, working collaboratively to ensure their aspirations are not just met, but exceeded. Our approach is holistic, acknowledging the interconnectedness of people, the environment, and business success.

Kia patere pai te reo, kia hōrapa noa te moko

Let your language thrive and stand in your authenticity